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Company info

LOTUS project LLC
Representative partner Tomohiro Morita
Location: 5-17-9 Sanda-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo 193-0832
Email address

Business content 
Internet sales
Planning, manufacturing and sales of products through crowdfunding
Supplement planning, manufacturing and sales

I'm import trader!

I am looking forward to the day we can work together:)

sekkei s-sling クラファン実績.jpg
sekkei m-sling クラファン実績.jpg

2022 June "SEKKEI S-Sling" Crowdfunding project Executed

2021 June "SEKKEI M-Sling" Crowdfunding project Executed

The past performance

I will contribute to a lot of sales of your products!

bp-401 クラファン.jpg
megasonic クラファン.jpg

2020 October "Baha" Crowdfunding project Executed

2021 February "BP-401" Crowdfunding project Executed

Baha クラファン実績.jpg

2020 February "MegaSonic" Crowdfunding project Executed

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